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Meet the Party

Amélia Breckenridge

Manny, Hill Dwarf Fighter
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Amelia played D&D for one session as a super edgy Tiefling before playing Manny for Queers on a Quest. She has since come to enjoy playing D&D for more than one session. She draws inspiration from both The Adventure Zone and College Humor’s Dimension 20. When she’s not playing D&D you can find her playing other tabletop games such as Clue, Mysterium or Settlers of Catan. Otherwise, she’s at her current day job as a front desk clerk in a small, highway hotel.

Buster Ann

Gila, Lizard Barbarian
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Buster’s a weird nerd with Big Dad Energy. Queers on a Quest is the second campaign they’ve been a part of that’s lasted more than three sessions; in the first one, they played a big crab named Gloria. Their hobbies include being a socialist and writing fanfiction.

Hanna Wagner

Chae, High Elf Rogue

I’m a paragraph. Double click me or click Edit Text, it's easy.

Noah Wynn

Dungeon Master
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Before DMing Queers on a Quest, Noah played D&D3.5e about four times until his character color-sprayed another party member in the face and was subsequently burned as a witch. When he's not working on the podcast or campaign, Noah is probably either making props or constructing sets for youth theatre, serving special needs elementary school learners, getting some good quality time with his cat, or taking a nap.